Elegant Blessings Consignment Sale

"Selling for You is What We Do!"

Consignment Sales Agreement

______________________________, owner of goods, referred to as, SELLER and Elegant Blessings Consignment, person receiving SELLER goods, referred to as MERCHANT, agree:

________________________, SELLER, consigns to Elegant Blessings Consignment, MERCHANT, the following number of goods.

Number of goods: __________, described briefly by SELLER:




The SELLER retains title to the item(s) until a final sale and SELLER can end the arrangement at any time by requesting its return on or before September 21, 2012.

MERCHANT, shall sell the goods consigned at a price predetermined by the SELLER.

As compensation, MERCHANT, shall receive a commission of 30% per item.

SELLER agrees to a one-time registration fee for this sale of Five ($5) Dollars which will be deducted from SELLER’s commission check.

SELLER states that SELLER is not a dealership or franchise or is selling merchandise for a dealership or franchise.

MERCHANT, shall provide payment to SELLER for items sold, under oath, or otherwise verified, within fourteen (14) business days after the sale. Once the Elegant Blessings Consignment sale is completed on September 29, 2012, SELLER has seven (7) business days to collect any of their items that have not sold or that SELLER does not wish to donate. At the end of the seven days, or by October 9, 2012, all UNCLAIMED merchandise becomes the property of the MERCHANT.

MERCHANT is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen merchandise. All sales are final and purchases are “as is”. 

MERCHANT shall permit an audit by representatives of SELLER of all of its books and records, together with a physical inspection of the premises and inventory of goods at such times as scheduled by both parties involved.



MERCHANT--Elegant Blessings Consignment